Lavender and Loneliness: Making mindfulness meaningful with mala stones

Co-founder Michelle met TJ, owner of this amazing store through her other side hustle masksandscrubcaps when she reached out for a contribution to giveaways for nurses, PSWS and dental hygienists in February - immediately, TJ was in and a relationship was formed :).

A graduate of one of our famous Willowdale performing arts schools, Cardinal Carter, TJ tells us that this is his best Willowdale memory and why he feels an attachment to our neighbourhood - a very cool connection indeed!

At L & L, you will find:

  • Mala necklaces - a tool for meditation, made up of natural semiprecious stones

  • Fashion accessory Wrist malas - a tool for meditation made up of natural semiprecious stones or a fashion accessory

  • Semiprecious stone bracelets


TJ used to joke with my friends that he would one day have a shop called "Bicycle & Lavender" just to sound like the most hipster-est thing that you ever did see. So when he opened an online shop he kept the Lavender because he genuinely like it. And he added the Loneliness portion because my mindfulness practice, including creating malas, was a response to his depression. His loneliness was the catalyst for my shop's creation and he wanted to identify that.

"We are conditioned to suppress our low-vibrational feelings because of the discomfort they carry. But sometimes, part of your greatness comes from facing that discomfort. Sometimes, when you stop swimming against the current, the river can take you to some fantastic places."

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