Looking for Massage Therapy or Rehab in the Yonge and Sheppard Area?

Conveniently located two minutes from the Yonge Sheppard subway station and with ample parking, we welcomed Motion Care Massage and Rehabilitation to the Willowdale neighbourhood just over two years ago. Offering direct billing to a number of insurance providers and a referral program to both the client and friend (excluding physiotherapy), Motion Care is a great convenient choice!

Dr Gillian Huang, Chiropractor and Owner tell us we wanted to offer a conveniently integrated clinic to the Willowdale and the surrounding area, found a convenient location and the rest is history! As a chiropractor, registered massage therapist, and acupuncture provider, I am always on the road to learning up-to-date methods to serve my patients. My goal is to dig to the core problem and provide the best care for all of my clients as well as help them provide the best care for themselves. My message to you: "Choice - You have the ability to choose who you become and the ability to choose your lifestyle. You have the choice to condition and educate yourself in preventing injuries from occurring. There is nothing more important than your health so don't wait until it's too late to take action. Your body is yours and we are here to help."

"Our favourite thing about Willowdale is the vast and diverse community filled with so much history. We're always happy to hear the stories from all of our patients that live around the area.”

Thanks, Jason!


  • The clinic is open seven days a week with many of the healthcare practitioners offering same-day appointments.

  • Expert therapists will work with to create a customized treatment plan to achieve health goals

  • Custom made orthotics, braces, and compression stockings available

  • Free Wifi on-site

  • Easy Online Booking System

  • Newly renovated facility

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