Meet Budding TeenageEntrepreneur Maya, of @luxe_rings

What started as an email from a friend whose daughter (Maya) had just started a ring business, @Luxe_Rings has turned into our first student listing for shopwillowdale!

We want to thank Maya for this idea and personally purchased one of her beatiful rings (quartz stone) and they are truly beautiful!

Borned and raised in Willowdale, Maya been in business for just over two months and shares that her favourite thing about Willowdale is the "sense of belonging in the community" and we could not agree more!

Her product offerings include a variety of wired rings available in all sizes. They are created with pearls and stones as well as wired designs. Rings are available in silver and rose gold. Customization is available.


I am 14 years old and attend Loretto Abbey high school. I have been participating in competitive dance for over 10 years and I enjoy making tik -toks. I like wearing jewelry and making unique rings for my friends and family.

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