Meet Matt St.Lawrence: Local Willowdaler and Savvy Salesperson for Cameron's Brewing Company

Do telephone pole posters work? Ask Matt who saw our posters while out walking and has now signed up with us to advertise delicious, fresh, quality craft beer

We love local craft breweries and are thrilled to have Matt and Cameron's Brewing as part of ShopWillowdale!

Matt has been a life-long Willowdaler - literally he was born here, went to Churchill Public School, then Willowdale Middle School and Northview Heights and enjoys living with his parents in the Wentworth Avenue area.

"I love the people of Willowdale and since I am the Toronto Sales Rep for Cameron's Brewing I would love to provide the neighbours with delicious beer. I love my job and sell delicious, fresh, quality, craft beer!"

SPECIAL OFFER: FREE delivery and a FREE 6 pack on your first order.


CAMERON'S Brewing Company is a family-run craft brewery based in Oakville, Canada. We began our journey to introduce delicious craft beer to the Ontario marketplace in 1997. What started as a mere hobby quickly turned into an award-winning brewery. Today, CAMERON'S remains true to its roots with a dedicated team of beer experts committed to brewing delicious, quality, locally crafted beer.

CAMERON'S is committed to brewing beer of exceptional taste and quality. Its brewing experts relentlessly pursue the development of new styles and the perfection of its classic ales and lagers using the world’s finest all-natural ingredients. CAMERON'S award-winning products have been recognized over 240 times at local, national and worldwide brewing awards.

By adhering to traditional brewing practices using the finest ingredients available, along with our unmatched expertise, we are true beer artisans. As a brewery, we are both environmentally and socially conscious in our day-to-day practices.

CAMERON'S is currently available at The Beer Store, LCBO stores, Grocery Stores and on tap at many bars and restaurants. For more information about CAMERON'S availability visit us, call the Brewery at 905 849-8282 or email us at

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