Otherwise known as the "Red Awning on Sheppard Avenue" meet Bayview Sheppard RMT

Proudly, serving the Willowdale community for over 15 years the team at Bayview Sheppard RMT is conveniently located steps from the Bayview subway and has free parking in the back at 321 Sheppard Ave. East.

“Our favourite thing about Willowdale is –the people! We have had the privilege of serving the community since 2005. Many of our valued clients have been with us for over 15 years. We consider them part of our extended family! We have also seen our team blossom from three RMTs to a group of 28 diverse and talented individuals. It is the people, our wonderful clients and staff, that make our clinic a success!” says owners Lisa and Helen.

With over 25 registered massage therapists ready to serve you and wonderful Google reviews like "Great online system for keeping track of your appts, friendly reception, super-clean building, and all three RMTs I have seen there have been excellent. JJ” we are lucky to have this nugget in our community.

With 10+ treatment options, here are three key services:

Registered Massage Therapy – Massage Therapy is a therapeutic treatment that involves the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. It can help to alleviate and prevent muscle tension and stress while promoting overall health and wellbeing. Some examples of Massage Therapy applications are the treatment of muscle aches, pregnancy discomforts, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, headaches, stress, and anxiety.

Manual Lymph Drainage – MLD is a gentle and rhythmic type of Massage Therapy used to promote the flow of fluid under the skin, known as lymph, back into blood circulation. MLD is most commonly used to treat swelling or lymphedema that occurs in the body after surgery or injury.

Fascial Stretch Therapy – FTS is an assisted stretching system that incorporates soft, fabric massage table straps to isolate specific limbs and tissues. It helps to release restrictions in the body, improve flexibility, and relieve pain.

We thank Bayview Sheppard RMT for signing up in our inaugural month!


We opened Bayview Sheppard RMT in 2005 with the dream of establishing a clinic that would allow our profession to stand out and to offer all facets of massage therapy under one roof. Over the years, we have hand-selected all our therapists with the utmost care so that our clients have a consistently positive experience regardless of who they see. Our attention to detail is second to none resulting in a positive, inviting, and relaxed clinic atmosphere. We are open 7 days a week from 8 AM to 9 PM, conveniently located near public transit, and offer free onsite parking.

–Lisa Macchia and Helen Milic, Owners

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