Specializing in Home Modelling and Repairs and Home Staging and Styling - Meet the Stage and Tidy Co

Are you a Willowdale homeowner needing remodelling or tidying up? Meet owner Catherine Lau, trained in KonMari™ method, (Marie Kondo) owner of this Willowdale gem.

Open since 2018, their business is a small team of certified home stagers, home stylists and professional organizers and have worked with many real estate agents and home owners in the GTA to get homes ready for resale.

Stage and Tidy is a retail store of curated home goods and decor with free shipping. In response to the global pandemic and the lockdowns, they recently opened an online store with a carefully selected collection of home goods and decor that we would use for staging and in our own homes such as dried florals, vases, tableware and wall art."

Asked what their favourite thing about Willowdale is, Catherine says "The close proximity to the essentials and of course being so close to Yonge Street. I am a longtime resident of the Yonge and Sheppard area and raising my two young children with my spouse. We love everything about the Willowdale area and always looking for ways to connect with our community."


We aim to help clients create and enjoy a home that brings peace and happiness. We provide a number of goods and services to achieve this and love every minute of it!

As a certified home stager, our approach is functional and minimal in order to get buyers into your property and imagine it as their future home. We have worked with many sellers and real estate agents over the years and continue to earn trust in the industry as a dedicated professional.

As a professional organizer who learned the KonMari™ method, created by Marie Kondo, who stars in her own Netflix series, we apply our expertise to each client we meet. We were so fortunate to study and train with Marie Kondo herself and her inspiring team in early 2019.

We have proudly partnered with talented and skilled professionals to create Dwell Home Designs in order to bring our passion and experience to home remodelling and designs. We have a team designated to help you achieve the space you always dreamed of with ease and professionalism.

We've opened the SHOP, an online store of simple and modern home decor. All of the items have been hand-selected and are in line with the pieces our team would use in our own homes.

Our team is always looking forward to ways we can help you transform your space and live your best life.

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