These kids are Shining Diamonds!

Thanks to KidsblogTO for highlighting these two amazing kids! What started as a craft is now the cutest business ever!

Meet Teresa and Ryan, aged 7 and 9 the aspiring entrepreneurs who are led with love and guidance from their amazing mom Elizabeth. Their superhero "diamond" card making business has evolved from a COVID craft (5D paint by number kit) into making cards with cute phrases such as "Widow be my Valentine (Black Widow), frames and pencil cases (personalized by a friend). They started out wanting to fund a holiday for their family but are now deciding which charity to help out with a portion of their proceeds.

When we met them for a distanced pick-up, their mom Elizabeth made me laugh. "Their goals change every day. Yesterday it was a hotel and now it's a pool 'if we are stuck here this summer'". The craft has provided a positive distraction during COVID and brings them all together at the craft table now that the orders are piling in!

We wish these kids the best and personally thank them for some Valentines presents for family.

Check them out on Instagram:

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