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Growing up with the morning aromas of Burundi coffee, Gael has now brought these wonderful aromas here to us in our community. Opening in 2020, TuTu offers great packages such as medium roast coffee beans and a homebrewer starter kit. His special occasion kits are also amazing, as our Show Your Local Love for Willowdale giveaway winner will tell you here.

Ask about his favourite thing in Willowdale is, Gael says "The YMCA gym but it is closed for now and I cannot wait to get back there!" One of our Co-Founders, Sarah recently ordered and says she loves the coffee and even more the fact that the business is local!

Gael closes with this quote" Being the African Spirit to coffee and spread love with each sip1"


Growing up, Gael Ntore, woke up to the wonderful aroma of Burundi coffee in the house and was always captivated by it.

On his journey for studies, knowledge and wisdom, across the Atlantic, he was surprised to find out that the coffee community recognized Burundi coffee as a superior coffee but they found it hard to come by.

This only meant one thing, be the source and inspiration for Burundi coffee and African coffees. These coffees had to be brought to the market through distinctly African values.

Values that are embodied in the cross-cultural word “UBUNTU”, the act of being human, to help and treat someone as if you were in their shoes

This is how TuTu Afro Coffee came to be. To provide High-Quality Standout African Coffee for YOU.

We whole-hardheartedly believe in the principle ​ “Treat others the way you would like to be treated” ​

We aim to serve you like a guest in our home by not compromising on quality

All our coffee comes in GrainPro packaging that keeps it fresh twice as long as average ​

Come enjoy unique coffees and change 1000s of lives! ​

Karibu (Welcome)

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